Mixed wholesale furniture lot for sale in the UK

Today we would like to present You an offer on damaged wholesale furniture, available from UK wholesaler of stocklots and clearance stocks. The basic important notice is, that all of the products on sale were returned by customers, therefore You cannot expect that You will find brand new goods in pristine condition among this consignment of furniture. Still, if You do sell a merchandise of this sort, please feel free to view some detailed information about this deal.

The UK wholesaler offers 26 pallets of mixed wholesale furniture. The products range covers the following pieces of furniture: Bar stools, office desks, TV benches, rattan storage sheds, coffee tables, bookcases, CD & DVD storage units, children dining sets, and many more. Actually, according to the information provided by the supplier, there is a detailed list of goods for sale. If You would like to receive the packing list of this wholesale furniture stock, then You should contact the wholesaler and ask him to send You it.

wholesale furniture

Also the product grade is not too specific. Again, the information from the supplier suggest, that these are damaged customer returns, but You should get a bit more details about this stock, if You are interested in buying it.