Mexx wholesale clothing 2013 season

Today we would like to inform You about a clearance sale of Mexx wholesale clothing. One of the clothing wholesalers from Germany is looking for the garments’ wholesale buyers, who are interested in purchasing Mexx wholesale clothes at highly reduced clearance price.

This wholesale clearance deal includes all of the Mexx wholesale clothes, which are available in the wholesaler’s warehouse.

mexx wholesale clothing

All of these Mexx wholesale clothes are from summer 2013 season, and because of that, the wholesaler is offering these clothes at reduced price. The minimal order is just 100 pcs of these clothes.

Although the wholesaler did not describe his offer in details for us, You can find many useful information concerning this deal at his website. This includes the important aspects of the transactions, like the payment terms or the prices of Mexx wholesale clothes he is currently trying to clear.

Detailed information about this offer: wholesale clothing