Lenovo T400 refurbished wholesale laptops

Today we would like to share with You Lenovo T400 wholesale laptops’ deal, listed by UK wholesaler. This is a small parcel of refurbished wholesale laptops, as the total available amount of these notebooks is 25 units.

lenovo wholesale laptops

The basic information about this wholesale deal, is the stock location. Although the offer has been introduced by the UK wholesaler, the stock is located in Romania, where the wholesaler has his IT sales division.

As said. all of these Lenovo wholesale laptops have been fully refurbished, and are sold in brown boxes. Because of the total available quantity, the wholesaler will reject any orders below the total available amount. In other words, since there are only 25 wholesale laptops for sale, You need to buy them all.

For more information about this deal, including the laptops’ specifications, please visit the following website: link