A wide selection of kitchen sinks, faucets and washbasins from Germany

If you are looking for a German suppliers of renovation products for kitchen and bathroom, we have just found a perfect wholesaler for you. The company has listed for sale many offers on their stocks of kitchen sinks, washbasins, faucets, bathroom sets and other fittings by brands such as Blanco, Rieber, Alape, Suter, Hansa, Venlo, Rokal, Ideal Standard, Keramag, and many more… 

The goods are located in Hamburg, Germany. These are brand new stocks of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Here are some examples of the offered items, brands and prices:


Stainless steel kitchen sinks

Brands: Blanco and Rieber. Made of durable 18/10 stainless steel.

The prices start from EUR 14.90 / piece. MOQ: 250-400 pieces depending on the model.


Bathtub, shower and washbasin faucets

Brands: Venlo, Rokal, Hansa. Several different stocks available for take-all.

The prices start from EUR 19.00 / piece.

wholesale bathroom sets

wholesale bathroom sets

High-quality porcelain washbasins and WC

The prices start from EUR 17.90 / piece (small wash bowl), and EUR 29.00 for a set of washbasin + WC + water-tank. Made in Belgium and Holland. 

The company is selling to the trade only. You can collect the goods in person, or have them shipped to your place internationally. You can pay in cash, by bank transfer or online.

The seller is a company specialised in trading stocklots such as tiles, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, taps, bathroom fixtures etc. They have been running a wholesale business for 30 years, being a reliable partner for many retailers. If you are interested in their offer you can click the following link: