Killah wholesale shoes for sale, 2013 season

Wholesale footwear by Killah is the offer, that we want to share with You today. A wholesaler is offering an end of line stock of Killah shoes from 2013 season, and has a very small minimal order requirement.

Since this is a clearance stock, the total available quantity of these Killah wholesale shoes is not too big. There are 99 pairs of this footwear total available to buy, but the wholesaler will complete orders of +20 pairs.

killah wholesale shoes

As said, all of these wholesale shoes are from 2013 season, but that does not mean that they have been used. They are all new and unworn. The wholesaler informs, that there are couple of different models and sizes of these shoes available to buy, and even prepared a packing list for this end of line stock. To view it, please go to the following website and download it: link