Hand spinners – the most popular toy in 2017

Following the trends of 2017 you might have heard of new popular fidget toy called hand spinner. These toys have recently become very popular and many manufacturers are producing them now in various fancy shapes, colours with and without LED lights. If you were interested in reselling these toys, we have found several offers from European wholesalers that might attract your attention.

Several wholesalers are offering hand spinners for sale, offering international shipping or collection in person in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The prices depend on the quantity ordered, some are even as low as 1.10 EUR per piece!

There are deals on fidget spinners with LED lights at the prices 3.40-3.50 EUR, and a relatively small minimum order quantity.

Stock of hand spinners with LED lightWhereas other stocks include simple plain colour hand spinners at 1.10 EUR per piece. Please note that this price requires a large quantity order of 10,000 hand spinners.

You can find out more information about the most bargain offer we have found in the link below:


These spinners are made of metal, packed in cases, with 6 colours available.
You can order 10 000 pieces at 1.10 eur, or 5000 at 1.20 eur per piece. The stock is located in Spain. The seller offers a permanent stock and international delivery.



You can also buy a mix of different fidget spinners


Another interesting deal we have found is on an assortment of different models hand spinners. This includes pieces of different shapes, some looking like ninja’s shurikens, while others shining in the dark. This stock includes some spinners equipped with LED lights too. Therefore the price per piece is  2.95 EUR. The minimum order, however, is only 150 pieces, so this may be the best offer for you if you just want to check if these items will sell in your shop. Check THIS LINK for more information.

hand fidget spinner wholesalemetal hand spinners

The stock is located in Germany, and the seller offers international delivery. Apart from bank transfer, paying in cash or online, payment by PayPal is also available.



If you want to see more pictures and details on the products we have been searching for, you can check the link below: 

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