Ex store furniture wholesale suppliers from Lithuania

We have found a new furniture supplier that can offer you wholesale furniture and home decor by  truckloads and by pallets. The goods are high quality furniture of latest design, in very good condition, coming as customer returns.  The seller also offers pallets of lamps, mirrors, chandeliers and other decorative articles.

This company gives you an opportunity to buy all types of household decorations and home furniture wholesale. The trucks contain only branded furniture coming from a European retailer. At the moment the company offers two types of stock. The first one is composed of 120 pallets, and the minimum order is only 1 pallet. It comprises B Grade furniture and home accessories that may have some signs of use, scratches, small cracks or other transportation damage.

Wholesale furniture and home decor accessories

Wholesale furniture and home decor accessories

wholesale furniture by the pallet

All of the furniture have been inspected graded upon their arrival to the warehouse. They are fully functional and ready for resale. The wholesaler offers this stock at the price: EUR 250.00 / pallet (ex VAT and ex works), however, there are special prices for 32 pallet orders! 

The other stock includes a full truckload of home furniture sold at EUR 10,000.00 / truck. These are also B Grade products with signs of wear and tear. They have been packed in vendors packages and safely loaded into the truck so that there is no overloading, which prevents any future damage of the goods during transportation. This time, it’s a take-all offer.

Ex store living room furniture wholesale

Ex store living room furniture wholesale

The furniture included in this stock is mainly living room furniture, with sofas, armchairs, stools, dressers, coffee tables, etc. There are some bedroom furniture and office furniture too, including cushions, beds, desks, conference room chairs and so on.

The stock is located in the wholesaler’s warehouse in Lithuania. It can be collected in person or transported internationally to your location. The accepted payment methods are bank transfer, cash, payment online, and PayPal!

If you want to see more offer from this particular furniture supplier, go and visit their profile with the catalogue of goods in the link below: