Fruit of the Loom wholesale clothing

Fruit of the Loom is a clothing brand, which is known to many customers, who do some jogging or any other sports. Because of that, if those customers are a part of Your target buyers, You might be interested in the today’s offer.

A Dutch clothing wholesaler has a lot of 1000 pairs of Fruit of the Loom pants for sale. All of these wholesale clothes are 100% cotton.

fruit of the loom clothes wholesale

The available sizes ratio is S to XXL, and the list of available colors includes navy, grey and black. Naturally, all of these wholesale pants are new.

The available amount is 1000 pairs, but You are not required to take the whole lot at once. Smaller orders are also possible, because the minimal amount to buy is 100 pairs. Just remember, that the lowest price will be offered to the take all buyer only.

The offer: click here