Ex catalogue wholesale furniture for sale

This time, we have found a decent deal on ex catalogue wholesale furniture for You. The lot includes 58 sofas, and is available to buy from one of the UK wholesalers.

The most important information about this lot, is the fact that all of these sofas were returned by the customers. More precisely, all of this wholesale furniture are 30-days customer returns. As we all know, besides the obvious damages, there are some other reasons for returning the products, even if they are 100% complete. According to the UK wholesaler, some of these ex catalogue wholesale sofas were i.e. mistakenly despatched, therefore You might expect that at least some of them are ready for immediate resale.

wholesale furniture ex catalogue

Moreover, all of these wholesale sofas are being sold in original packages, so if there will be an option of inspecting the stock, You will be able to check which of these products were unpacked by the buyers.

The last important information, is that the whole lot of this wholesale furniture is ex Groupon France.

For detailed information about this deal’s terms and conditions, please click here: wholesale furniture