Diesel leather shoes for men wholesale lot

Diesel wholesale footwear is the offer, that we want to share with You this time. This wholesale lot includes over 500 pairs of Diesel shoes for men, and is available to buy from one of the German wholesalers.

All of this wholesale footwear is the latest season of Diesel shoes for men. There are two different models, in two different colors available to buy, as You can see in the picture from below.

diesel wholesale footwear

The important thing about this footwear, is the fact that all of them are made of leather, so that might increase the customers’ interests in buying them. The basic sizes ratio starts from 39, and ends with 47. The wholesaler has prepared a manifest for this offer, where You can check the available quantity for each model and colour. The final thing is the minimum to buy, which is 100 pairs per order.

The manifest for this offer can be found here: Diesel wholesale shoes