Christmas season is coming for b2b traders

We have noticed that the increasing number of wholesale suppliers starts to offer wholesale christmas decorations. It means, that even if most of the shoppers do not think about the Christmas 2013 yet, the wholesalers and suppliers of these products do. We therefore announce You, that the Christmas season for b2b buyers and sellers of christmas wholesale merchandise has just started!

Due to this fact, we would like to present You the very first offer we received on the christmas wholesale merchandise.

wholesale glass balls pallets

The wholesaler is looking for the buyers of wholesale christmas decorations, who are generally trying to source some inexpensive wholesale glass balls. Currently, he is offering 33 pallets of cheap wholesale christmas decorations, with a minimal requirement of buying at least one of the available pallets of stock. The parcel includes glass balls mostly, but the stock includes some other christmas decorations too.

There is also an option of purchasing the whole lot. In such situation, the buyer will be granted a decent discount on the total price of all of these pallets of stock, according to the information provided by the supplier. If You are interested in buying these wholesale christmas decorations, then please get in touch with the seller to discuss the details.