Children clothes surplus stock for sale

A big surplus stock directly from German wholesaler, is the offer that we have picked up for You this time. When we write “big”, we really mean a large quantity available for sale, which is 180.000 pieces of wholesale clothes for children.

Since the quantity, the take all deal is obviously an option for the wholesaler, but is not the only way of purchasing these clothes. The minimum to order is only 100 pieces of clothes, and the more You will order, the bigger discount You will get.

kids wholesale clothes

The wholesaler did not mention the brand of these wholesale clothes, so we do not know if these are ex-brand garments, or any other. Nonetheless, he mentioned a few important facts about this surplus stock. Nearly 80% of this wholesale clothing has a sizes ratio of 50-116, while the rest is in one size: 140. Obviously, the parcel consists of many different types of garments, including denim clothes, skirts, trousers, jackets, dresses and plenty of other.

We do not know how many of these clothes are for girls and for boys, so if this is an important information for You, You will need to ask the wholesaler about that. The wholesaler uploaded f some more pictures of this clothing, and all of them are available here: surplus stock