Bosch liquidation stock tools for sale

There is a big closeout stock of mixed Bosch products to buy from a Dutch wholesaler. The basic requirement is to take the whole liquidation stock of these goods, therefore the offer is rather intended for major retailers or even other wholesalers.

That’s because approximately 85 pallets have to be bought by a single buyers. The supplier of these wholesale merchandise pallets will only consider an order on the whole lot, and is not interested in parcelling it into smaller lots.

bosch liquidation stock buy

What can be found among the products on sale? According to the supplier’s words, there are 63 pallets of general Bosch accessories like drills, sand-paper etc. and another 22 pallets of tools and powertools. The total weight of this parcel is approx. 16.500 kg. For details about these products, please get in touch with the wholesaler directly, as he has a packing list which will be sent to the potential purchasers upon direct request.