Banbao mixed wholesale toy bricks for sale

We are continuing the Christmas wholesale products’ subject, but today we will share with You an offer on wholesale toys, not decorations and accessories. After all, for all of the wholesale buyers the christmas season started some time ago, but there still is a time to buy some more goods, especially if the price is right.

The deal we introduce You today looks quite interesting. A Dutch supplier of wholesale toys and consumer electronics has offered a parcel of Banbao toys for sale. These are toy building bricks packed in sets, so they might be used just like the toy bricks of the most renowned brand.

banbao cheap wholesale toys for sale

There are 7500 sets of these wholesale toys total at stock, including approximately 5300 big sets, and ca. 2200 of the small ones. The basic requirement of this supplier is to buy the whole lot, therefore You will not be able to purchase a smaller lot of these wholesale toys. Yet, building bricks are among the most popular christmas gifts for children, so a serious buyer should not have any problems with selling the whole lot when the christmas season for retailers will begin.

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