Asus X550C factory recertified laptops wholesale lot

A batch of factory recertified Asus laptops has been offered for sale by a UK wholesaler. There are 17 Asus X550C laptops available to buy, all of them are red, as can be seen in the picture from below.

Firstly, we want to give You a basic specification of these wholesale laptops: 15,6″ screens, Intel i3 processors, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD. We do not know if there are any operating systems pre-installed or not.

asus wholesale laptops

The next thing, which is very important for all potential buyers, is the condition of these wholesale laptops. Basically, they are just as the new Asus laptops. The recertification proccedure is used for the laptops, which have never been delivered to the consumers. In general, at some point of the manufacturing, the all have failed the quality tests, and therefore have been recalled for the required repairs. After that, they have passed the quality tests, and have been recertified by the manufacturer. Because of that, they are all sold in original boxes, and with all accessories.

The wholesaler requires all buyers to spend at least EUR 2000 on these wholesale laptops, or any other products that he currently has for sale, to complete the orders. In other words, You will be asked to place an order worth at least EUR 2000. Below this amount, You will not be able to purchase these Asus laptops.

For more information about this deal, please view this offer here: link