Artificial Christmas trees supplies

Christmas is coming! Are you looking for Christmas decorations and goods characteristic of that season? We can recommend you a Slovakian company selling various lines of artificial Christmas trees available in 3 different sizes. Their products imitate several kinds of firs, pines and spruces.

Below we present a couple of models of Christmas trees that the company has offered for sale. The prices range from EUR 19.00 to EUR 65.00, depending on the fidelity of imitation of the tree. For example, the Spruce Canada Natural 3D features high quality of details concerning the real-like look of its three dimentional needles, which faithfully mimic the real spruce. The needles are neither very soft nor very hard.

Christmas trees wholesale

Christmas trees wholesale

The tree is available in 3 dimensions: 150, 180 cm and 220 cm of height. The price for the 180 cm high tree is EUR 65.00 per piece. The minimum order is 100 pieces. You can order up to 1000 pieces of each size. Each tree comes with a metal stand.

Looking for something cheaper?

Another model offered for sale is the model Xmas Tree Fir Pacific, an artificial Christmas tree made of high quality PVC material, available for only EUR 19.00 per piece. This model is available in slightly smaller sizes: 100 cm, 150 and 220 cm of height. You can order a minimum of 200 trees, and the total quantity available is 2000 pieces. The trees are supplied with PVC stand.

Artificial Christmas trees stock

The company accepts payments by bank transfer, online payment and in cash. The goods are delivered internationally but you can also collect them in person in Košice, Slovakia. The company has other season goods for sale as well. You can contact them directly and ask for a price list in the link below: