An attempt to define ex chainstore wholesale clothing

Although wholesalers are using many specific words to describe their products in details, for most of these phrases one will not find a definition, which is commonly accepted among them. Hopefully, we can always use the existing definition, in order to explain the certain phrase in opposition to it.

Such way will be the best to describe ex chainstore clothing, which is quite popular amide the wholesalers. Hence, the first step will be to introduce the definition of a chain store:

“Chain stores are retail outlets that share a brand and central management, and usually have standardized business methods and practices. Before considered a chain, stores must meet a litmus test; it must have more than 10 units under the same brand and have a central headquarters, otherwise it offers franchise contracts or is publicly traded. These characteristics also apply to chain restaurants and some service-oriented chain businesses. In retail, dining and many service categories, chain businesses have come to dominate the market in many parts of the world. A franchise retail establishment is one form of chain store.”

Full explanation: ex chainstore clothes

chain store wholesale clothes

Ex chainstore clothes are therefore those garments, which either have been withdrawn from chain stores, or have not been delivered there. In most cases, the second option will be the correct one. Why? Because, cx chainstore clothes are being sold by the manufacturers, which are cooperating with the chain stores. If the clothes from the certain order have already been made, but the brand has cancelled the deal, the producer is offering these garments as ex chainstore ones, in order to get back the costs of production from sales.

Of course, the manufacturer usually has no right to use the name of the certain brand, therefore he cuts the labels and sells the certain batch as de-branded one. That is why, these clothes are being sold at low prices, despite the high quality of these goods.