Lacoste mixed wholesale footwear for sale

Today we have for You an offer of Lacoste wholesale footwear. The stock includes 110 pairs of Lacoste wholesale shoes, and has been offered by Polish wholesaler.

This wholesale clearance deal consists of men’s and ladies Lacoste shoes. Approximately 65% of the stock are shoes for men, and 35% are ladies’ models.

lacoste footwear wholesale

Please mind, that all of this Lacoste wholesale footwear is sold without the original boxes. Also, there is no choice of sizes, as Lacoste men’s shoes are available in 42 size, while the ladies models are 37 size.

This wholesale stock will not be splitted, and has to be purchased as a whole. This aspect of the deal is not negotiable, according to the information provided by the wholesaler.

More information about the deal: Lacoste wholesale shoes

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