Truckload of BAMMY diapers for babies

Perfect offer for those who are looking for regular supplies of diapers that are cheaper than the common brands!

We have found a special offer on cheap baby diapers pallets from a wholesale distributor of BAMMY diapers based in Czech Republic. They are offering for sale full truckloads of baby nappies and wet tissues at really attractive prices, for the BAMMY brand is not as popular as other European brands like Pampers or Huggies. (more…)

Amazon furniture returns – regular stock in Slovenia

Fashionable design furniture is offered for sale in large quantities by a certain wholesaler from Slovenia. The company gets regular stock of customer returns from Amazon, which includes high quality office furniture, living room and bedroom furniture, mattresses, lighting and other household products. All European brands, mostly in very good and good condition.


Wholesale scooters from a German manufacturer

Have you been looking for children’s sport equipment and toys wholesale offers? We found something that might be of your interest. You can order children’s scooters directly from a manufacturer based in Germany. The company offers a stock of extra large scooters with stylish designs and colours at a cheap price $24.15 per piece. (more…)

Stock of refurbished Vytronix vacuum cleaners

A European import-export company is offering for sale a stock of 150 vacuum cleaners of the brand VYTRONIX, model VTBC01, available in their warehouse in the United Kingdom. (more…)

Hand spinners – the most popular toy in 2017

Following the trends of 2017 you might have heard of new popular fidget toy called hand spinner. These toys have recently become very popular and many manufacturers are producing them now in various fancy shapes, colours with and without LED lights. If you were interested in reselling these toys, we have found several offers from European wholesalers that might attract your attention.


Season for buying sunglasses is coming!

There are many different seasons for the particular types of products in wholesale trading business. Now, when most part of the Europe enjoys Spring, the wholesalers are adjusting their merchandise for the season to come, and are offering many different products, which can easily be sold to consumers.


Wholesale handbags made of eco leather

There are lots of offers on wholesale handbags for women, but it’s really hard to find the ones, which might be interesting for your customers. That is why sourcing is the key to running a successful online shop.


Buying discounted wholesale food

Today we would like to write a few words concerning the discounted wholesale food and beverages deals. This is quite interesting niche, but due to different legal regulations in the countries of the world, and essential differences between the types of products’ shelf life indications, it varies a lot.


Ex catalogue wholesale furniture for sale

This time, we have found a decent deal on ex catalogue wholesale furniture for You. The lot includes 58 sofas, and is available to buy from one of the UK wholesalers.


Shoes fashion lots may be fairly easy to find

At least few the problems of acquiring shoes fashion stocks are quite common for all dealers of wholesale pallets of merchandise. Usually, a store owner has to know any of the cheap wholesalers, who are selling shoes stock lots at cut-rate prices.