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Ex store furniture wholesale suppliers from Lithuania

We have found a new furniture supplier that can offer you wholesale furniture and home decor by  truckloads and by pallets. The goods are high quality furniture of latest design, in very good condition, coming as customer returns.  The seller also offers pallets of lamps, mirrors, chandeliers and other decorative articles.


Used shop equipment & office furniture sold at wholesale price

Do you need some cheap furniture for your shop or office? Today we want to present to you an Italian  wholesaler who deals with such equipment. You can purchase whole sets of boutique furniture with shelves, fitting rooms, counters, walls, hangers, baskets etc.


Wholesale dining tables available in Germany

Do you run a furniture store and you are looking for new supplies? One of the German furniture wholesaler is offering for sale a stock of kitchen furniture including a stock of wooden dining tables at a wholesale price of EUR 48.00 / piece. (more…)

Wholesale kitchen furniture sets made in Italy

Are you looking for supplies for your furniture shop? There is an offer on brand new complete kitchen sets including furniture and appliances that available for sale in Italy. The price per set is only EUR 770.00!

Amazon furniture returns – regular stock in Slovenia

Fashionable design furniture is offered for sale in large quantities by a certain wholesaler from Slovenia. The company gets regular stock of customer returns from Amazon, which includes high quality office furniture, living room and bedroom furniture, mattresses, lighting and other household products. All European brands, mostly in very good and good condition.


Cheap furniture sets from a Turkish manufacturer

Are you looking for home furniture wholesale offers, but the prices push you off?

I have found something for you.

You may be interested in importing furniture directly from this Turkish manufacturer that is offering complete sets at bargain prices, lower than 400 EUR per set.


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