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Clearance stock of women’s footwear

Are you running a boutique? One of the European wholesalers is selling several clearance stocks of elegant footwear for women. These are summer shoes clearance stocks and last season collections of winter footwear coming from a shop liquidation. Good prices for high quanlity products! (more…)

Liquidation stock of Business Apparel for Ladies & Gentlemen

This is a special offer from a German wholesaler, who is liquidating a large stock of high quality business clothing for men and women at an occasional price of only EUR 7.00 / piece.


Brand new stock of PLAYMOBIL TOYS

Today we would like to present a wholesale offer on children’s toys liquidation stock lot. The products are a popular brand, Playmobil and they include toy sets for both boys and girls, such as Playmobil Dragons and Playmobil City Life, RC trains and Pirate Treasure Chests.  (more…)


Have you been wondering recently where you can buy licensed toys and film gadgets at low wholesale price? We might have an offer just for you. We would like to present you an online store liquidation stock of toys, film gadgets and sports articles of popular brands listed by a Polish company. All brand new, and in original packaging. (more…)

Auctions of bankrupt stocks

Every salesman strives to find low-priced wholesale merchandise, especially these days. However, such sourcing is not only a matter of hard times or a decreasing level of sales in almost every branch. Evidently, the fundaments of this behaviour are very easy to understand. Profits from the trade can always be higher than they currently are, so any opportunity of increasing their level should be used.